Casing Centralizers Need Stop Collars in Cementing Job


ZHENGZHOU,November 14,2017- Casing cementing products are applied for completing a successful primary cementing job. These cementing tools can help the operator successfully run and land the casing string to planned depth in the well.Puyang Zhongshi Group can supply the following casing accessories like casing centralizers and stop collars to complete cementing operation.

The casing centralizers are used to provide uniform annular clearance and reduce drag when running casing.The stop collars(sometimes called stop rings) are to secures placement and limits travel on attachments to casing string.The centralizers for casing are placed midway between casing connections where maximum bending can occur.

Different casing centralizer types can match different stop collars.
Casing Centralizer types:
1. non weld bow spring casing centralizer
2. solid body bow spring centralizer casing
3. one piece slip on bow spring centralizer
4. welded bow spring centralizer for casing
Stop Collar types:
2.hinged stop collars with spiral nails
3.slip on stop collars with set screws

Casing centralizers installation as follows
(Note:the following picture is from TOP-CO Cementing Product,Inc.)
Preferred installation is over the stop collar. This allows for the bow spring centralizer to be pulled into the hole during run-in (Fig 1). Pushing the centralizer will increase starting and running forces and may damage the bows.
Placement over the coupling eliminates need for stop collar but can reduce standoff at midspan (Fig 2).
For solid body centralizers, stop collars are recommended to be placed above and below centralizer (Fig 3),but can also be installed between collar and coupling (Fig 4), or they are installed to float between couplings.

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