Applications and Benefits of Nonweld Bow Spring Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU,DEC 21,2016-Nonweld bow spring centralizer is used to help centralize the casing in the wellbore during the cementing operation,allow the cement to be evenly distributed around the casing string.This kinds of centralizer is designed for higher restoring force and lower starting&running force to center the casing in vertical and deviated wells.The nonweld centralizers are available in single bow and double bow(dual contact) type.

For nonweld bow spring centralizer,it is only available in hinged style,this is to say,The bow springs of this centralizer are attached to the end rings without welding.The feature of nonweld bow spring centralizer is high grade spring-steel bow which is heat treated. The hinged design enables the end collars to be latched onto casing over a stop collar, if desired, for easy installation. The bows provide maximum standoff to achieve the most efficient displacement of mud and cement.

All the nonweld bow spring centralizers meet or even exceed the standard of API specification 10D, providing reliability and durability during operations.These bow spring centralizers are applied in vertical and deviated wells.

These nonweld bow centralizers are available in sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch,any special sizes can be made availably on request.In order to prevent from rust,the bow spring centralizer is coated by special power or paint.At the same time,the nonweld centralizers are available in several bow heights and sizes to provide optimum restoring force.
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