Exporting New Featured Straight Blade Roller Centralizer to Kazakhstan


This week we completed the order of 6-5/8*8-1/2 new featured straight blade roller centralizer(Pic1) from Kazakhstan customer,this time the centralizer ,which is almost same as Weatherford LoDRAG roller centralizer(Pic3), is some difference in appearance with our standard roller centralizer(Pic2),their differences are in blade,but they have the same funciton in centering casing.This kinds of centralizers have some features like axial drag friction reduction and increasing wear resistance,the roller is better to run in the casing and lower the risk of damaging inner wall of casing.At the same time ,it is easy to pass the mud by blade.In fact,we aslo design and manufacture spiral blade roller centralizer,the construction for both straight blade and spiral blade centralizer is steel body.If it is high temperature or high density H2S in the well,we recommed composite roller centralizer,whose main material is Nylon and glass firber,to our customers.So customers will choose right roller centralizer for their cementing operation according to temperature,H2S density and mud density in the well.

Different Blade style Straight Blade Roller Centralizer

Completed Straight Blade Roller Centralizers for Kazakstan Customer

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