composite centralizer in well cementing


 ZHENGZHOU, March -27, 2019. Composite centralizer. Composite centralizer have being used widely in well cementing.

This kind of casing centralizer features a low coefficient of friction, designed with one-piece composite construction. It is designed for horizontal application and maintains integrity in extreme temperatures and is resistant to high impact and wear.

The surface of composite centralizer is smooth , the weight is light. There is no weak point for the composite centralizer. Straight and spiral blade configurations are available.
  We Puyang Zhongshi Group have manufactured composite centralizers for many years and we have molds of many sizes.

We have two kinds of composite centralizer, one is with steel rings on two ends of the centralizer, the other is without steel rings. Our composite centralizer are made from Nylon66 plus fiber glass, which can reinforce the strength of the composite casing centralizer.

We also can print marks on the body of the composite centralizers, like the sizes and logo. Composite centralizers with set screws on the blades of the composite centralizers are also available.


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