Non Welded Bow Spring CentralizersBow Spring Centralizers

Standard Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Standard Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Non Welded Semi Rigid Centralizer
  • Non Welded Turbolizer


  • 1.Interlocking Design Between End Collar and Bow Spring
  • 2.Meeting or Even Exceeding API Specification
  • 3.Available With Standard or Semi Rigid Non Welded Centralizer and Turbolizer
  • 4.Low Running Force and High Restoring Force are vital to casing running operation
  • 5.Applied in Casing Sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch

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Product's advantage

Supplying a full line of non welded centralizers including standard non welded bow spring centralizer,non welded semi rigid centralizer and non welded turbolizer.


All the non welded centralizers are hinged centralizers with interlock design between the end collar and bow spring making for a strong reliable centralizer.

Applied in casing sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch,any specical requirement can be available.

Our now welded bow spring centralizer performance standard far exceedes API specification .

Available with set screws incorporated which can save the separated stop collar cost.

This kinds of bow centralizer is made of high grade alloy steel which is heat treated and tempered.

The non wlded centralizer has higher restoring forces and lower starting forces with very low drag forces.

The non welded centralizer is suited for running in horizontal and highly deviated wells where low running forces are a must.

For non welded turbolizer ,it is with metal fins installed on the bows to help induce turbulence in the cement slurry during pumping operations.

The fineds of centralizer is alos made of heat treated alloy steel,making them flexible, which minimizes damage while moving downhole.



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