Hinged Bow Spring CentralizerBow Spring Centralizers

Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer Single Bow Type
  • Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer Single Bow Type
  • Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer Dual Contact/Double Bow Type
  • Collar of Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Welded Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer


  • 1.Hinged Collar and Non Welded Bow
  • 2.Designed for vertical well
  • 3.Meeting API Specification
  • 4.Interlock Design
  • 5.Easy-Installing and cost-saving in shipping

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Product's advantage

The hinged bow springcentralizer combines collar and bow ,the bow is good role in restoring force.

This kinds of bow spring centralizer is traditional bow spring centralizer,the features are low price,easy installation and shipment.

There are two kinds of bow spring centralizers,hinged type and slip on.For hinged centralizer,the collar conbines steel plate and pin,but for slip on centralizer,the collar is only steel ring.

According to welded bow or not on the collar,we have have hinged non welded bow spring centralizer and hinged welded bow spring centralizer.

According to bow quantity in one centralizer,we have single bow spring centralizer and double bow(dual contact) bow spring centralizer,although these two kinds of centralizers have same function,many customers use the single bow spring centralizer as their first choice.

They are different materials for collar and bow,for collar,it is Q235steel,the bow ,we must use 65Mn steel and do heat-treatment,what we do is to increase restoring force.As we know the flexing of bow  is importing factor in downhole drilling conditions.

After bow spring centralizer production,we need powder baking coating in order to dust free and make it beautiful.

Our hinged bow spring centralizer sizes are from 4-1/2inch to 20inch,any special sizes are available according to your requirement.

Our higned bow spring centralizer is designed for vertical where low starting force as well as high restoring force is required.

Bow Processed Machine of Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer

Heat Treatment of Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer

Package of Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer



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