What is Solid Body Centralizer


ZHENGZHOU, OCT 24,2016-Solid body centralizer(sometimes we call rigid centralizer),in fact they are both name of same centralizers for casing.This kinds of solid body rigid centralizer is like tubular or with one tubular body.But there is some difference from tubular,the solid body centralizer is composed of tubular body and blades.

In China there are two production technologies for solid body centralizer,one is casting and others is tubular.For casting ,first the mold need to be designed for different body and size,body like straight blade and spiral blade,sizes from 4-1/2inch to 20inch.Once we complete the mold, solid body centralizer production will be manufactured in the shortest time,at the same time it is inevitable to be solid body centralizer with blowhole,so we must assure the casting temperature.For second technology,we usuallly use tubular as raw material of rigid centralizer,the best feature is to reduce the blowhole,but for non API standard centralizer,it is big trouble to find out right tubular for solid body centralizer.If the order quatity is very large, the second technoly will be considered.First we need cut and machining the tubular and then the blades is welded on the body of solid rigid centralizer.The best challenge is to weld the blades.As we know,all the blades are symmetrical.

Taking a word literally,solid means firm and stable in sharp,the rigid centralizer is made of casting steel or alloy aluminum ,so the appearance is very firm and stable.This is why we call it solid body centralizer.Frankly speaking,rigid means unable to bend or be forced out of shape,so solid has the same mean as rigid,therefore we also call it rigid centralizer or solid rigid centralizer or solid body rigid centralizer.

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