How To Choose Suitable Topco Centralizers For Casing Cementing Solutions


ZHENGZHOU,APRIL 27,2017- Top-Co,Based in Edmonton, Alberta,is professional casing centralizers manufacturer,its centralizers are used for casing cementing.The centralizers for casing from Top-Co are manufactured and tested to meet or even exceed API Specification 10D.

Top-Co’s centralizers and casing accessories are designed and manufactured to assist casing running and cementing. Starting, Running and Restoring force tests performed in Top-Co’s Test Facility as per API Specification 10D, and holding force tests as per API Recommended Practice 10D-2.Welded centralizers, non welded centralizers,solid body centralizers and TOP REACH GLIDER centralizers are available.

For so many kinds of Topco centralizers,how to choose suitable centralizers for casing cementing is very important question,please do not about it.Because Top-Co has given you some guides about how to choose the casing centralizers in cementing operation.

Detail selection of centralizers for casing cementing as follows
1. Evaluate well trajectory.
2. Identify changes in: curvature, inclination angle, hole diameter, casing specifications.
3. Run API 10D tests of the proposed bow spring centralizers in each interval; use test results in torque and drag simulations.
4. Conduct axial load analysis, considering additional side forces from buckling.
5. Identify buckled intervals and adjust centralizers accordingly.
6. Analyze development of side forces during casing run and define centralizer types accordingly.
How To Choose Suitable Topco Centralizers For Casing Cementing Solutions
If you want to learn much more about Topco centralizers and then buy them,please contact Top-Co’s agents and distributors operating in most countries with oil and gas activities. 
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