Supplying Different Casing Centralizer Types From Puyang Zhongshi Group in China


ZHENGZHOU,NOV 18,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group is one professional casing centralizer manufacturer with API 10D certificate(API certificate number:10D-0030),it provides top-quality centralizer products for primary cementing operations.Puyang Zhongshi casing centralizer products are designed and manufactured depending on latest equipment and technology,meeting  or exceeding API and ISO industy standard.

Puyang Zhongshi Group continually testes casing centralizer designs against the American Petroleum Institute’s API Specification 10D to verify that our equipment can withstand the high forces encountered when running casing and can provide the restorative forces needed for casing centralization.

Puyang Zhongshi provides you with two kinds different casing centralizer types including bow spring centralizers and solid rigid centralizers.Bow spring casing centralizer is made of high grade spring steel which can withstand high strength heat-treatment to get higher restoring force for for vertical  and horizontal wells.Solid rigid centralizer is composed of steel body construction and straight or spiral blades,providing positive stand-off, ensuring positive centering in deviated or horizontal holes.

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