API 10D Solid Body Casing Centralizers For Drilling


ZHENGZHOU,November 07,2017- The solid body centralizer is one kinds of rigid casing centralizer,usually the rigid centralizer body is steel or aluminum body construction. Their high-quality construction provides great strength and downhole integrity.Puyang Zhongshi Group as API 10D certified casing centralizers manufacturer in China designes and manufactures different solid rigid casing centralizer types including hinged centralizers and slip on centralizers.These rigid centralizers match even exceed API 10D specification.These solid body centralizers are playing an important rold in centralizing casing.The centralizers for casing are widely applied in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Solid Body Centralizer Features as follows:
1.Steel or aluminum body construction.
2. Hinged and slip-on versions available.
3.Shock, impact, and corrosion resistant.
4.High tensile and yield strengths.
4. Available with straight or spiral blades.
5.Helps ensure positive centering in deviated or horizontal holes.
6.Helps prevent differential sticking while running casing.
7.Available for 4 1/2- to 20-in. pipe.

The manufacturer of casing centralizers from Puyang Zhongshi Group can offer full range of  rigid centralizers to satisfy your cementing need.
1. Straight Blade Rigid Centralizers and Spiral Blade Rigid Centralizers
2. Standoff Band Centralizers
3. Aluminum-Alloy Casing Centralizers
4. Composite Centralizers(Polymer Centralizers or Phenolic Centralizers)
5. Casing Centralizers with Rollers

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