How to select qualified casing centralizers manufacturer


The role of casing centralizers is to center the casing in the wellbore during cementing operation ,keep the  center of casing and hole in one line.Although the value of casing centralizers is not high,the role is very important,so customers must do much more homework in selecting manufacturers,delay the drilling process only for the cheapest casing centralizers,but bad quality.Taking bow casing centralizers for example,API has definitely numercial requirement for min. restoring force and max starting force of different sizes casing centralizers at 67% stand-off.Therefore casing centralizers manufacturers will do some sampling and then check the centralizer appearance,strictly lower the centralizer defective rate.Sometimes customers invite the third party inspection companies like SGS,BV to check the centralizers quality and issue the reports.

Actually every casing centralizers manufacutrers begin to check from purchasing raw material and then unfinished casing centralizers,if some mistakes happen,they amend until quanlity passed,what they do is to give customers qualified casing centralizers.As we know,manufacturers Weatherford,Summit Casing Equipment ,Antelope,Top-Co from USA and Canada,even Indian and Chinese casing centralizers manufacturer,not only do they manufacture high quanlity centralizers,but aslo they have API certified 10D certificate for casing centralizers.Therefore customers choose them as one advisable choice.

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