Mego Afek Centralizers and Casing Accessories


ZHENGZHOU, December 20,2017- Founded in 1982,Mego Afek was based in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mego Afek manufactures full lines of casing centralizers from their own engineered designs. Mego Afek can custom centralizers to fit most casing and hole size combinations when requested and mass produces a product line of casing attachment products.

Mego Afek Centralizers for Casing as follows
1.Standard hinged bow spring welded centralizers are applied in vertical wells where low starting forces as well as high restoring force are required. The bows  are made of high grade spring steel with heat treatment in order to have the particular “bow spring” action. The bow of casing centralizer is playing the important role in undergoing a special state of flexing before assembly to ensure that they do not snap off under extreme stress conditions.

2.Standard hinged welded bow spring centralizers with turbo fins are with turbo fins designed 
to deflect the fluid flow in a turbulent and outward directed spiral.

3.Close tolerance slip-on centralizer bow spring is a liner centralizer designed for close 
tolerance applications where running drag must be minimized paired with highest possible centering strength. In the meanwhile this kinds of spring bow centralizers the end collars connect the bows by welded type.

4.Semi rigid  centralizers(dual contact) hinged welded can be used in deviated wells which require low running forces. These are designed to pass through tight spots and doglegs. The double bow design makes these centralizers act as rigid centralizers under high side loads.

5.Hinged welded positive centralizers provide positive standoff and centering, and can be used in both cased or open hole applications. Designed for use in highly deviated and horizontal well conditions. The features are sufficient clearance for fluid passage, maximum flow and well bore stabilization.

6.Turbo of slip-on solid bar positive solid body centralizers is available in a heavy duty version with spiral blades to provide swirl action to the cement slurry.

Please contact the nearest Mego Afek centralizer location.

MEGO AFEK USA:5800 S. 42nd St., Suite E McAllen, Texas
MEGO AFEK MEXICO: Reynosa, Tamaulipas and Poza Rica, Veracruz

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