CENTEK UROS Bow Spring Centralizer Improved Standoff in Norway Oilfield Operation


 ZHENGZHOU,DEC 09,2016-The Centek UROS is one piece construction,super high strength,robust bow spring centralizer,The interlock design between the end collar and bow spring makes it a strong reliable bow centralizer.The Centek UROS bow spring centralizer has significant reduction in running force through the previous set casing.

Features ,advantages and Benefits for UROS centralizers
1.Single piece construction with offset bows
2.High stand-off ratio
3.Zero restoring force and running force
4.Proven tool for deep water
5.Applied in high pressure and high temperature

This time the centek UROS centralizer was used in washed out areas of Gullfaks Sor,Norway. The previous set casing wellbore was 9 5/8” 53.5ppf casing with 8.535” ID. The casing to be run was 7” casing. There was a machined exit window in the 9 5/8” casing and then the open hole section was drilled with oil based mud to 8 1/2” OD. The planned well had a total depth of 11,811ft. The well had a maximum deviation of 53 degrees. The customer needed effective zonal isolation and felt, with the results from previous wells, that washed out sections could be compromising zonal isolation performance.

According to the well presented,Centek and Halliburton recommended the 7*9-1/2inch UROS centralizer and then the centek centralizer was run on the liner.It took about over 20 plus hours to complete the cementing job with no damage to UROS bow spring centralizer.

The cementing job on the liner was performed as per design. The customer was happy with the results of the bow centralizer performance and now is planning to use Centek centralizers on future wells.

Although Centek do not recommend to reuse the bow spring centralizer when these bow centralizers have been pulled out of hole,it was for the case study for showing the unique design of Centek centralizers to remaind in good condition and be re-run even when subjected to extreme stresses.
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