Welcome You Buy Casing Centralizers in Norway


ZHENGZHOU,SEPTEMBER 06,2017- You would like to choose norwegian casing centralizer manufacturers as your first choice if you are one oilfield service companies in Norway.They also design and manufacture patented centralizers for casing drilling and offer full types of casing centralizers,whose sizes are used for casing like 6-5/8inch,7inch,9-5/8inch,13-3/8inch and so on.

We introduce you some oilfield casing centralizer manufacturers in Norway,possibly these will help you get right casing centralizer types.For more information,please contact them directly if you have casing centralizer requirement.

1.Ace Oil Tools AS designes and manufactures the ace drilling centralizer, a centralizer that rotates independently of the casing or liner string. Its use reduces drilling torque and minimizes wear to both the parent casing and the rotating casing or liner.

2.The SMARTALIZER developes to substantially reduce or remove extra friction as well as the probability of tearing off or damaging centralizers and centralizer ribs, since the ribs of the Smartalizer are retracted an attached to the casing wall.

3.Toolserv has the sales cementing products like casing centralizers and reamer shoes.Toolserv design and manufacture specialist drilling and completion tools. We are also the sole agent for Downhole Products in Norway and Denmark.Their centralizers include Spir-O-lizer’s,BLADERUNNER,Expand-O-Lizer,CaseRUNNER centralizer.
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