how to run casing on the drilling rig platform


 ZHENGZHOU, February -28, 2019. 

How to run casing on the drilling rig platform. Firstly put the casing on the bottom of the platform.
The box thread end on the same side. Lift the box end of the casing on the platform , then put the lifting bail in the casing and tighten it, then lift the casing and move the casing above the installed casing with coupling, then spin the casing to tighten with the other casing on the bottom.
Put the latch type bow spring casing centralizer on the joint of the two casing, make the coupling in the hinged welded bow spring centralizer, then switch on the hinged welded bow spring casing centralizer and put the bolts to close the casing centralizer and make sure the bow casing spring centralizer safe on the casing . The casing bow centralizer is stuck by the coupling, so the coupling is like a stop collar to hold the bow centralizer not to move up and down.



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