The advantage of our pipe made casing centralizer


 Casing centralizers have many types, like hinged bow spring centralizer, rigid centralizer, one piece bow spring type, aluminum casing centralizer, composite centralizer, etc. We have developed a new type of casing centralizer, that is the casing centralizer cut out of the pipe.


We purchase the pipes firstly according to the casing centralizer sizes, then we laser cut the pipe into suitable length and also laser cut the bows , then we press the bow , and sent them to have heat treatment,  and finally we painted them according to customer’s required colors.


After the production, we would test the ID & OD of the casing centralizers to assure each of them can fit the casing and the open hole. We also will select some pipe made casing centralizers as random to test the running force and restoring forces.


The pipe made casing centralizer have close tolerance, more accurate ID & OD, the weight is lighter but the mechanical properties are better, it can help the casing easily down into the hole in the horizontal wells and deviated wells 



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