Puyang Zhongshi Group Comes Back from 2016 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada


ZHENGZHOU, JUNE 13,2016-Puyang Zhongshi Group as Chinese exhibitor of casing centralizer manufacturer with API 10D certificate,brings bow spring centralizers and solid rigid centralizers to the exhibition.

The show date is from June 7-9,it is aslo Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, so they take some pouches like monkey, money and so on, which has moral of much more happiness, safety, wealthy.

During show,many customers are very interested in casing centralizers and then Puyang Zhongshi Group gives them detail introduction and shows company strength. They also meet some customers who have bought the casing centralizers from Puyang Zhongshi Group, it is better to learn about new products and cooperation and then have more longer and friendly cooperation. They are aslo very happay to invite customers coming to visit casing centralizers manufacturing plant.

Canada is the beautiful country and leaves good expression,calgary is oil&gas city. They expect to meet you again in 2017 Global Petroleum Show.

About 2016 Global Petroleum Show
Oil and gas companies, their suppliers and industry analysts from over 84 countries are meeting at Global Petroleum Show 2016 in Calgary.
The trade show, one of the largest of its kind in the world, drew roughly 2,000 exhibitors in 2014, approximately 1,800 in 2015, and just 1,500 in 2016.

"Certainly it has an impact. Like the oil and gas industry, when things are tough it's a bit of a negative effect," said Wes Scott, executive vice president of the Global Petroleum Show.

"But you're seeing 1,500 or so exhibiting companies here that see the need to be face to face with industry. You know if they're looking for that sale of that equipment, they need to be here to sell it," Scott said.

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